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07.08.2019 Alex Liverani

Burano- The Magnificence of Essential Nature

Alex Liverani

Alex Liverani is a freelance photographer based in Italy.
He studied photography at the D.O.O.R Akademie in Rome where he attended an international master on modern languages in documentary photography. During his educational path he had tutors such as Alex Webb, Sebastian Salgado and Oliviero Toscani. He won important international contests, such as the LensCultere Street Photography Award in 2018, Miami Street Photography Festival in 2016, Urban DotArt in 2015, Leica Talent Italia in 2014 and Nikon Young Talent in 2013. His work has been exhibited in many different cities and main photography festivals in Italy, Europe, United States and Cina. He’s been working with Fujifilm Italia since 2016, promoting new products for their launch on the market and organizing workshops about street photography. 
Alex in 2018 was one of the contestants of Master of Photography on Sky Arts, arriving second.
He is also the creator of InQuadra collective and the co-founder of Italian Street Photo Festival

Color has the power to directly affect the soul.
When entering Burano, a small island a short distance from Venice, one inevitably ends up feeling in a good mood.
The colors here are much more than simple chromatic nuances, colors in Burano are the real inhabitants of the space. I spent a whole day immersed in this open air color palette, along with my GFX 50R and especially with the new GF50mmF3.5 R LM WR, a lens equivalent to a 40 mm on a 35mm format.


In Burano time seems to have stopped, laundry hangs on lines in between the houses, children play ball in the courtyard, the pace is slow and the island really gives the impression of traveling back in time.

I composed a series of street photography shots, to rediscover the peace and slower pace of the island.

Burano is one of the 10 most colorful cities in the world. The legend tells that the houses are such vibrant colors so that the fishermen could recognize their homes on the way back from sea even if there was fog, always thick in this area.


From the beginning I felt a special connection with this lens, the new GF50mmF3.5 R LM WR is discrete and compact, allowing you to stop the time without the subjects even realising what’s going on beside them.
It allows us to give back a story.

With this lens we have the possibility of bring excellence on the road with us.

What most fascinates me about this lens is the super high-speed auto focus. It is a silent lens but very precise at the same time.

The new GF50mm weights 335g and it is the lightest most compact lens of the GF series. The total weight when mounted on the GFX 50R is only of 1,110grams.

Dimensions are extremely contained only taking up a space of 84 x 48 mm. It is a tropicalized lens and therefore also reliable when used in extreme climate conditions.
The spherical aberration and distortion are resolved thanks to the lens construction, 9 lenses in 6 groups of which one aspheric lens. The new GF50mm is an extremely versatile and able to cover an angle of vision of 57.4 degrees.


It seems almost impossible to be able to do street photography with a Large Format camera, but combined with this lens it is possible to bring the top of the quality everywhere, without compromising in terms of speed and immediacy.

You can photograph dynamic and spontaneous scenes, knowing you won’t have problems with out of focus shots, as the lens guarantees a superb precision.

What excited me the most is the chromatic outcome offered by this lens. Colors are pure, vibrant, attractive; I think this is what made me fall in love with this new lens.

Strolling through Burano has been a return to simplicity, we are so used to the unnecessary that we are not able to recognize what’s essential anymore.

The new GF50mmF3.5 R LM WR is the perfect lens to document the magnificence of essential nature.



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