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Daniel Zihlmann (Switzerland)

Daniel Zihlmann is an international photographer based in Switzerland. He started his career in 1986 during elementary school, when he got his first assignments from local newspapers. Later, during his studies at law school he pursued his passion for photography and worked as a photo assistant in studios in Zurich. After finishing his studies and receiving his degree as a lawyer he worked as a photo editor at a national newspaper and as a video journalist. In 2007 Daniel got self-employed as a photographer and focuses now on portrait photography and documentary photography, including wedding photography.


Since I first saw the Fujifilm X100 I knew that this camera would be a game changer. A digital camera with an analog "user interface". Wow. Not just a cool looking "retro style" camera, but a design that really made sense in the hands of a professional. Combined with a sharp and fast lens and a very silent leaf shutter this was a dream come true since I sold my Leica M6 a couple of years ago. Having upgraded later to the X100S and now to the X100T it only became better and better. With the wide and tele lens converters the X100T gives you more versatility though still retaining the same fast and sharp lens quality. And this comes at practically no weight (compared to a DSLR system), which makes travelling internationally as a photographer a joy again. Last but not least: You can't beat the electronic shutter of a X100T if you need to work unintrusive. It makes capturing pictures now literally dead silent. This surprises high-profile clients that had me use sound blimps on my cameras before to capture their events.