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Daniel Malikyar (USA)

Daniel Malikyar is a Los Angeles based visual artist and Creative Director at 23FIFTN. Daniel has a passion for documenting his life adventures through visual storytelling. He enjoys shooting all subjects, and favors the challenge of transcending his unique aesthetic across all of his projects rather than focusing on a single specialization. Through his work, Daniel strives to illicit the emotion of the viewer, while capturing unseen perspectives that are not commonly accessible. Daniel has always shown a relentless desire to go the extra mile in order to capture the perfect photograph. He has received worldwide media attention for his work; most notably he was the subject of a nationally broadcasted live interview on his photography via FOX 11 News in November of 2015. Daniel began working with Fujifilm in 2015, and instantly became attached to his X Series gear. The sleek design, consistency, sharpness, and high quality images made the transition to Fujifilm from a traditional DSLR system an easy decision for him. Daniel hopes to take his photographic journey all across the world, and continue to meet new people, places, and cultures while inspiring others along the way.