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Chio Fernandez (UK)

Chio Fernández is originally from Málaga, Spain but relocated to London in 2009. From an early age, she was a talented painter and this love of art later progressed to photography. It was whilst studying Civil Engineering in Spain that she made the brave decision to leave her degree and follow her passion. She moved to London where she successfully completed a BA in Photography and Film at the University of Roehampton. The attention to detail, light and colors, taken from her time painting, is easily appreciated in her images now. Her interior work has taken her all across Europe and Asia as the official photographer for Parkview Private Collection, a selection of luxurious properties owned by Parkview Group. She has also had the opportunity to work with advertising association D&AD as an event photographer and shooting candid celebrity portraits for Amazon’s subsidiary company, Audible. She has developed her signature style by creatively combining documentary and lifestyle aspects, which she applies to all areas of photography.


My first experience with a Fujifilm X Series camera was at University, where they had an X-Pro1 to loan. I was going on a trip to Paris and I didn’t want to carry my heavy and bulky DSLR with me, so I was looking for a lighter and more compact alternative. It was after that trip that I started to read more about the X Series and started to consider the possibility of switching. The X-T1 came to my hands as a birthday present and I started to take it with me to my professional shoots to test it. When I came back home and started the post-processing of the images I was surprised by the quality. There was something about the Fujifilm files, I could not put my finger on it. It was the combination of the crisp sharp images, the beautiful colors and the light. Without knowing it, I ended up sending my clients only images from the X-T1 and from that moment on my DSLR didn’t leave my office draw.
Selling all my equipment and switching fully to Fujifilm X Series was one of the best decisions I have made. I do most of my work abroad and the size and weight of the X cameras has proven to be a game changer for me, especially when I’m not compromising the quality of my work but actually, adding value to it. I take a camera with me everywhere and I am taking more photos than ever. Fujifilm brought back the excitement and fun of photography to my work.