Find Your Perfect Photo Style

A camera should be so easy to use that it becomes an extension of your eye. To achieve that, X-S10 has a number of functions that let you customize camera controls to suit your personal style of photography.


Easily accessed from the camera’s top plate, X-S10’s mode dial features four custom positions, C1 to C4, where your favorite image quality, focus, and drive settings can all be saved and instantly recalled. For example, use C1 for high-speed continuous drive and AF settings, which can be used to photograph fast-moving subjects, while keeping electronic shutter settings saved to C2 to be ready for situations where silence is required. No matter what you decide, these custom positions are sure to keep you more focused on making your image and less focused on navigating the camera’s menus.

■Quick Menu

Adding to X-S10’s usability, the Q menu can be used to instantly recall up to 16 frequently used menus to let you quickly change between focus modes and enable features like Eye Detection AF, for example. Additionally, since the image is still visible behind the Q menu, customizing it to show fewer items can help you monitor the image more easily as you are making changes to your settings.

■Fn Buttons

Spend less time navigating menus and more time making images by mapping the features you use most to X-S10’s dedicated Fn button and Fn dial. If you have more than two favorites, map up to an additional five of your favorite menu items to any of the five other customizable buttons on the camera body. Just hold the DISP/ BACK button on the back of the camera to start living a menu-free life.

Touch Operation

Mixing assured manual handling and the latest technology, X-S10 features a touchscreen that lets you operate it with simple gestures. Just like a smartphone, you can swipe to bring up menus or zoom in and out of a picture in Playback mode.
Use Touch Shot to focus on the touched area and make a picture, Touch AF to focus on a touched area, and Touch Area to move the focus frame to a touched area. In Face Detect AF mode, you can also switch between different faces in the frame.

Wireless Communication

With a host of wireless connectivity options, X-S10 is primed for sharing. Using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can share your memories with friends and family on social media by connecting and downloading your images to the FUJFILM Camera Remote App or instantly connect and print your favorites from any compatible instax™ printer


Install the free FUJIFILM Camera Remote App on your smartphone or tablet and you’ll be able to send images from the camera to your smart devices, control the camera’s exposure settings, and remotely release the shutter. The app can also help you save data by compressing images down to 3MB as they’re transferred.
Pairing your camera via Bluetooth will allow you to schedule image transfers from the camera to your device while it is not being used. You can also enable notifications for firmware updates, then download and install them remotely, without the need for a computer.

■instax™ Printer

Use X-S10’s Wi-Fi connection to sync with an instax™ printer and you can make card-sized prints from your high-quality photos. With instant printing, it’s easy to share your images as gifts or create treasured albums from your travels.

Wired Communication

As well as wireless communication, X-S10 can be connected to smartphones, tablets, or computers using a regular USB connection to transfer images. On computers with compatible web conferencing software, connecting via USB will also allow you to use X-S10 as an incredibly high-quality webcam.


Transfer your high-resolution images or videos five to eight times faster than wireless communication by connecting X-S10 to your smartphone, tablet, or PC using a USB cable. No app is needed, just a compatible USB cable and a quick adjustment to the camera’s setup menu.


If you’re connecting with others online, X-S10 can be used as a high-quality webcam with all the benefits that usually come from using an interchangeable lens camera. Simply install the free FUJIFILM X Webcam software on your computer and connect it to your computer via a USB cable. You can also make use of Fujifilm’s color science and use Film Simulations to attend online meetings with a unique look only Fujifilm can provide.