22.04.2022 Ivan Joshua Loh

Lens Stories: Ivan Joshua Loh

Ivan Joshua Loh

Ivan Joshua Loh, A Fujifilm X-photographer. He is known for his quirky and different approach through his lens. A commercial photographer base in Singapore (www.pigscanfly.com)


“I have always love photographing people. They certainly are the most fun, challenging, unpredictable, occasionally scary and rewarding to photograph.” 


Ivan is the founder of FujiFanBoys. (IG @FujiFanBoys) With this platform he weaves the Fujifilm community through workshops and photowalks. He also organizes FujiFanBoys Best of Show. 2022 celebrates their 4th year running with more than 10,000 submissions globally. 

The winner’s photo will be exhibited in 7 cities across the world.  Thus, making this the biggest international photo competition for Fujifilm community. 

Ivan Loh may be a X-Photographer, if we take a few steps back and look at him; he is a FujiFanBoys at heart.