21.07.2015 FUJIFILM

The History of FUJINON episode5

FUJINON is the brand name for the lens that FUJIFILM design, develop, and produce. It also is the name of the company that manufactures the lenses and cameras.
Today we would like to talk about the SLR camera that FUJINON developed and manufactured back in the day. Yes, we say “they used to”, but the technology and the philosophy that they had nurtured never got lost. They are passed down to today’s X series.
In 1970, FUJIFILM released ST701, which was their first SLR. Among the concepts for developing the camera were the “Lightweight and compact” and “Information display within the finder”
“Lightweight and compact” is what the X series is known for. And what may a surprise to many, FUJIFILM have introduced some of the world’s first-ever-technology for the viewfinder.
The ST701 came with the TTL metering system that used two silicon photo diodes, which was a world’s first technology. The needle indicator in the finder moved fast even in the dark, so the correct exposure was determined in a timely manner.
In 1972, FUJIFILM announced the ST801. The camera replaced the needle in the finder with the red LED element, which was another world’s first technology.
In 1974, the ST901 was introduced, which saw the advancement in the red LED display. The camera was the first to display the shutter speed in the finder digitally for the AE exposure mode. With the increased visibility and accuracy, it took initiative for the advancement in exposure display.
40 years have now passed. The time changes and the technology advances. The OVF is now transformed into HVF or EVF. But the philosophy of “taking a photo through the finder” remains the same.
Let it be “the viewfinder magnification ratio of 0.77x”, “the Dual Mode”, or “the automatic vertical orientation”, FUJIFILM still introduce new technology for the finder today.

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