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15.03.2019 Ichiro Fujisato

Personal Best vol.18 | Ichiro Fujisato

Ichiro Fujisato

Photographer that takes picture that is very masculine and sexy
Hip photographer independent since 1996.
He is the official photographer for May J tour, and took cover photo of “Shinigami” by popular writer Isaka Kotaro.
In February of 2016, He published a book “Portrait no susume”
In March, he held his solo exhibition “May J.×Fujisato Ichiro” in Gallery X. Most recently he did his solo exhibition “22” which celebrated the 10 year collaboration with the art director Kan Mimura and actress Eri Kamataki.


  • XF35mmF1.4 R


Everyone has an admiration to a woman they love. 
Everybody has gone through that experience. And I can say that I have that feeling stronger than anybody else in the world. On this day, I had met with the actress Yui Sakuma, who I have seen on TV every morning,  for the first time. A sense of transparency, her sleek style and her smile had jumped out of the TV and stood in front of me, vividly than I could have ever imagined. I wanted to enclose all of her charms into a picture. To do that I needed open my arms and look directly into her eyes, and she accepted me. For the next two hours, I endlessly pressed the shutter, while I kept on telling her “Kawaii (Cute)” countless times.

Realism as if you were there. Her skin’s so transparent and her look is cute. I chose this shot  as the cover without a doubt. This look could only have been possible with the almighty XF35mmF1.4.

She was playing outside. and I looked at her from the inside. I still remember the flirt when we  looked into each other’s eye.


I played a little bit with her at the table. She showed me her cute smile and then her sexy look a second after. It was as if she was playing hide and seek with her expressions.

We saw each other through the mirror. She lifted her skirt a little bit. She was cute. I wanted to dive into the mirror.

I asked her I wanted to hear her breathe. This created a tension between us.

I talked to her on the second floor. She then showed me her lovely and sad face. It was like Juliet. But this was not a tragedy. It is a delusional story of two close friends.

The heart’s grid and the gentle touching fingers. Her eyes look straight to my eyes. I cannot touch even though I wanted to touch. I intended to express such feeling in this frame.

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