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Vangelis Batsikostas (Greece)

My name is Vangelis Batsikostas, I was born in 1983 and I reside in a small town called Trikala in Greece. I am not a professional photographer, my job is mechanical engineer and I shoot solely as hobby – at least for the time being. Always had a passion for photography in the form of admiring other people’s work but only started shooting 5 years ago at the age of 28. Never too late huh? My passion is mostly landscape/nature and cityscape/architecture/travel photography which is my second passion (travelling). Lately though I have grown to like portraits also. Finally the style that is not for me – not that I dislike it, but I can’t do it – is street photography. That’s why I didn’t give many chances on my first X100 and its 23mm focal length. It just wasn’t for me. Now I shoot with an X-T1 and XF18-135mm3.5-5.6 lens which I acquired half a year ago after using other systems (Nikon/Canon) and deciding in the process that the FUJIFILM X system is ultimately the one that I want to invest on.


Let me first say that I haven’t owned a lot of X cameras – only the first X100 and now the X-T1. Nevertheless and after using Nikon and Canon cameras, to my (hobbyist) eye the X Series camera produce better, more vibrant and saturated colors. The jpegs SOOC are a charm to watch can be used in most cases as is. Especially the last thing is very convenient when you are in social networks (e.x. Instagram) and want to upload your work on the go with the camera’s wi-fi to your phone and then upload it. From my experience I couldn’t do it with my previous Nikon that had wi-fi because the jpeg SOOC just wasn’t good enough to use as is. The X100 was a revolution (even though a bit quirky) that led to great things like my current X-T1 and the most recent X-Pro2 and X-T2 which probably will be my next camera. What I love on the X-T1 (apart from the obvious image quality) is the full manual control ability. I have never used my camera in Auto or P mode (even as a totally beginner) and this ability to be able and change –ISO and Exposure Compensation mostly – straight from the camera knobs put a big smile to my face. What I would like to see more in future flagship models is touch screen which is being introduced in X-T20. Kudos for that!