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Ruggero De Pellegrini (Switzerland)

Ruggero De Pellegrini is a fine art photographer based in Switzerland with a focus on landscape, travel and street photography. Always amazed by the language of black and white photography he started shooting back in 1995 in the streets of Zurich. Over the years his travels led him through Europe, Russia, Tibet and South East Asia. Having control over every step, from camera to print is an integral part of Ruggero De Pellegrini’s photographic vision. 


From the day I shot my first picture with a Fujifilm X10 back in 2011 I knew this was the way to go. The X100 and later the X-E1 gave me the freedom to travel light and still deliver professional images and prints. Such a stellar image quality from cameras so small and good looking, no one even seems to notice or bother being photographed. I’m looking forward to the day the X-System will have replaced my DSLR equipment...