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Matthias Gaberthueel (Switzerland)

I have started photographing as a hobby back in 1992. And although I still live together with my family in a town close to Basel, where I was born in 1972, I had the opportunity to travel quite a lot in my life. This reflects in my portfolio which contains pictures from over 40 countries. Professionally, I am a biologist with agronomic background, and thus, love to discover nature, either from the macro or the landscape point of view. My picture language is characterized by harmony and esthetics, balancing art and technique.


Since I purchased it, my X100T is my daily companion due to its extreme versatility for spontaneous shots. What I love most from it, it's that is small enough to carry around and has both an optical and also brilliant electronic viewfinder. For more complex projects I rely on the X-T1 with its outstanding prime lenses. The robust yet still light body combined with the excellent viewfinder and accessible manual dials make photographing even more enjoyable. The outstanding sensor, the picture quality and the fantastic color rendering still impress me.