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Kyriakos Michailidis (Greece)

Kyriakos Michailidis was born in 1982 in Drama, where he lives and works today. He studied Business and Administration at Kavala. He deals with photography seriously from 2006. He has attended Platon Rivellis’ seminar about the art of photography and has participated in many exhibitions. Kyriakos tries through his lens to discover the magic of things which are in constant communication with himself. He is the president of the Photographic Group of Drama with the name "EFODOS», since 2014. He is a fine art photographer that shoots only colour and only square format with fujifilm x cameras. I photograph landscapes usually within the limits of the urban, interior spaces of abandonment, eerie and surreal pictures of my city, there are rarely people in them. My photos easily resemble photographed by viewing almost always head to the issue and a purity and rigor to the form. This gives an easy first reading of my images that slowly deepens when you will discover many things.


I am shooting with FUJIFILM X-E1 and FUJIFILM X-T10.  For the first time i catch in my hands fujifilm x cameras i knew that a love began. The ability to compose my photographs directly in square format change my inner gaze. And many times that i need to overexpose or to underexpose my photos,  with these cameras i can see it directly to viewfinder and that gives me another big advantage to focus in photography and not to spend time to look the images later. i shoot with the lens 18-55 that is a great lens for my work. The quality of the images that i take is very important in fine art printing and in exhibitions of my work. i am very very happy and sutisfied with fujifilm x cameras and i will continue to shoot with fujifilm x cameras