05.06.2015 FUJIFILM

The History of FUJINON episode2

In 1951, FUJINON added large format lens to their lineup.
It also marked as their beginning of their quest to the ultimate image quality.
The performance of silver halide films was still under development back then, and it cannot be compared to today’s environment where the technology is far more advanced. In the old days, the only way to obtain high image quality that met the demand of the commercial photo, group photo, or large print, was to use a larger film size.
Committed to making large format lens with proper optical performance; it was our response to the professionals who wanted to photography in the highest image quality.
It is common now to shoot commercial photos in digital format today. But if you look into the lenses used at the photo shoot, it is not rare to find the lenses with “FUJINON” logo on them.
FUJINON has its pride in supporting the professionals who demand for the highest image quality.

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