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X-H1 Development Story #3

The first and second stories were about the frame. On this story we will delve more into the camera body.
The X-H1 camera body can be described as simple as weather resistant structure, but the designing process is not so simple. The assembly process is not so simple either. It has total of 68 sealing points on the body alone, and additional 26 sealing points for the battery grip.
For your reference, the number of sealing points is 61 for X-Pro2 and 63 for X-T2. Just by comparing these numbers, you can see that the X-H1 required more work. There are more buttons on the X-H1. There are also physical changes in the shape with the new devices. These factors contributed to more complicated weather sealing design for the X-H1.

After the designing, we need to review the performance level. For example, we test to see whether it could actually withstand -10℃ temperature. The temperature is actually set at lower than -10℃ for the test. Because we know that in the real world, the environment can be more challenging. There are other factors that come into play, like winds. We need to have that extra margin during the review process so that the camera can actually withstand in the real world environment.
After the review phase, the camera will then be handed to X-Photographers for the actual field test. Search “Proud of, X-H1” on YouTube, you can see how much the X-H1 has undergone for a field test in desert, sky, river, snowy mountain, rocky mountain, and so on.


X-H1: Gary Tyson x Reportage in Cambodia -Proud of-

X-H1: Faruk Akbas x Landscape -Proud of-

X-H1: Kiyoshi Tatsuno x Nature -Proud of-

The test was also conducted in Studio for the X-H1.
Having a camera that is both water-resistant and dust-resistant are also beneficial for indoor use.

X-H1: Du Yinfeng x Fashion -Proud of-

The X-H1 is also treated with a new coating on the exterior. If you compare the X-H1 with the X-T2, they may look very similar at first glance. Both have the same black hammer tone finish. But if you take a closer look, you will see that the grain size of the exterior coating is a bit different.

The grain size is slightly bigger for the X-H1. With the change, the surface becomes more scratch resistant.

The scratch resistance of the coating is measured in H. Previous X Series models are 4H, which is very durable already. The value is same as that of automobile body coating. The X-H1 achieves 8H scratch resistance. This is as tough as a coating can get. The X-H1 is not only more robust with the frame and camera structure, but also with the exterior coating.

It does not mean that you can treat the camera poorly. You should treat the camera with care just as before. But you will have more confidence that the camera is more robust and durable. It will help you achieve take photos that you couldn’t have previously. The X-Photographers tested it, and the camera is X-Photographer approved. Å

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