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The History of FUJINON episode1

-1938 the origin-

The 3-part-movie “The history of FUJINON” shows the overview of the company’s history.

Here is a in-depth-look into the early days.

FUJIFILM was established in 1934 to manufacture photosensitive materials (paper, film and chemicals). Four years later in 1938, FUJIFILM decided on manufacturing optic glass, lens, and camera and started researching in the field. Then two years later in 1940, the company achieved in dissolving 12 optic glass materials. This marked the launch of FUJINON, a brand that created numerous legendary lenses over the time.

Let’s look at the situation back then.

There were several companies that manufactured photosensitive materials, but among them were no other companies that also manufactured lenses and cameras with the exception of Kodak.

Chemistry masters photosensitive materials.

Optics and engineering master lenses and cameras.

Both fields are not easy to master. It is not hard to imagine that the pursuing the path to master both art is a tough one, but at the same time, FUJIFILM understood that this is the best path for photography to evolve and advance. And under the strong belief, FUJIFILM pursued on the challenging path.

Getting into both field of sensitive materials and optics did not just mean diversifying its business fields. it meant that the company could now manage the quality control of all process involved in photography; lights transforming into a photo.

Lens and camera capture the lights. Film receives the lights that the lens and camera captured. The infinite amount of information recorded on the film then is developed with a paper and chemicals. As a result “Photo” is created.

In 1938, FUJIFILM gained FUJINON and transformed itself into “Photo” maker.

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