Daisuke Fujimura (Japan)

Born in Kagawa in 1970.
He has traveled over 500 cities worldwide and documented the scene, culture, and the heritage in a way that viewers feel at peace.
His lifetime project is about documenting the night scenery of the world. Since the film days he has taken such photos for over 25 years and held solo exhibition at places such as FUJI Photo Salon in Ginza. He is responsible for making the night photography popular in Japan. His work taken at Mont Saint-Michel and its Bay in France is well recognized in Japan.
He has gotten recognition in Europe and America in recent years.
He is also active to educate the next generation of photographers in Japan. He holds workshops and seminars especially for high school students.


  • GFX100S
  • GFX50S II
  • GFX 50R
  • X-H2
  • X-H1
  • X-T3
  • X-T2