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A variety of lens accessories to broaden creativity.

The M Mount adapter lets you use an incredibly wide selection of lenses with an X Mount-equipped camera body. Macro Extension Tube fits between camera body and interchangeable lens to enable macro photography at a higher magnification ratio.  Protector Filter, a clear protection filter with a transmittance rate of over 99.7%. The thin, multi-layer Super EBC coating protects the lens surface without compromising its color reproduction performance. 

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Featured Stories

FUJIFILM X100F with Conversion Lenses

X-Photographer Takashi Nakagawa takes shots of Kyoto with the X100F and the two conversion lenses.

by Takashi Nakagawa Kyoto, street photography, X-Photographer, Takashi Nakagawa, 中川剛志, Japan, X100 Series
X100F and the X100 Camera System

Find out how you can use the X100F as a system camera.

Tiny Landscapes with the X-T2

Episode #3 by Bill Fortney

by Bill Fortney Bill Fortney, landscape, macro photography, nature, USA
Inside the camera bag of X-Photographer – Kevin Mullins

"Inside the camera bag of X-Photographer" Series

by Kevin Mullins Inside the camera bag, Kevin Mullins, X-Photographer, UK
Inside the bag of the X-Photographer -Max De Martino

Series "Inside the bag of X-Photographer"

by Max De Martino Inside the camera bag, Max De Martino, Italy, X-Photographer
WCL-X70, Wide conversion lens for X70

In-depth look into WCL-X70

by FUJIFILM conversion lens, technology
Allurement of M Mount Adapter

Bringing old lenses back to life.

by FUJIFILM development story

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