10.02.2021 Huseyin Aldirmaz

XF16-80mmF4 OIS WR x Huseyin Aldirmaz

Hüseyin Aldırmaz

He started his career in photography in 1994 at Fotograf Sanati Kurumu (FSK). After forming ART Niyetliler Fotoğraf Toplulugu (ANFOT) in 2011, he tutorized workshops in Ankara for many years. He has been educating and consulting on a project named “ Istanbul perspective” in Istanbul where he lives for the last three years. He completed writing his book in 2021 which is about to be published soon, it is called “ Sokak Fotoğrafçılığı- Görme Pratiği” (Street Photography- Vision Practice).

Hüseyin Aldırmaz conducts custom made education to individuals and corporates, also continues his professional and commercial business activities on architectural photography thanks to his 27 years of experience. He was honored as the third Turkish “X-Photographer” by Fujifilm Global (Japan).

He produces content on the Fujiwalk photography portal that he set up. Under Fujiwalk roof he manages several activities and workshops such as tutorials, hikes, travels, etc… He also continues his role as an educator at Fujifilm Istanbul Education Center.