09.11.2015 FUJIFILM

One lens one story #12

You know that this lens makes the XF50-140mm even more powerful by extending the range.And it does so in such a compact size. Let’s talk a bit more on the XF1.4X TC WR.
Generally speaking, the sensor size becomes a less of a variant when designing a telephoto lens. The biggest forefront lens is proportional to the focal length and the F value, so the lens size is not affected by the sensor size whether it is an M4/3 or APS, the lens size becomes close to that of a full frame.
But the rear end of the lens, it is very much affected by the sensor size as the element is right in front of the sensor.
Teleconverter is like an added rear-end elements of the lens. It means that it can make full use of the APS sensor size to achieve the compact lens designing.
In fact if you compare the XF1.4X TC WR to that of full frame, you will see that the teleconverter is very small in size. You may even forget that the lens is attached when in use. And since the size is very small, the weight balance of the camera body and lens barely changes. You would feel as comfortable just as using the regular XF50-140mm.
It extends the range of the original lens. And it does so without affecting the feel of the original lens.
This is another reason that makes the teleconverter a great lens.