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Mateusz Piesiak (Poland)

Mateusz Piesiak is a young Polish photographer, born in 1996 in Wroclaw. He studies Automatics and Robotics at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. He belongs to the Polish Nature Photographers’ Union. Mateusz has always been interested in nature, especially birds’ life. It allows him to calm down and get away from hustle and bustle of the city. He’s been photographing birds since 2009. “Wildlife photography requires a lot of patience and preparations like building hideouts”, he says. “I often sit in my hideouts for many hours and don’t even take one photo, because there are no birds. However, when I finally can take an awaited picture, it pays off all the effort”. What he likes the most about nature photography is the moment, when he’s hidden in hides, and like a spectator sitting in the front row in a theater, he can admire the amazing spectacle of nature that is happening around. He’s the author of exhibitions and speaks about wildlife during lectures. His photographs were awarded in many national and international competitions, e.g.:
  • Epson International Pano Awards – (first place)
  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year - (obtaining the title of “Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011”, first place in the youth category in 2013)
  • Siena International Photography Awards – (first place in two categories: "Wildlife" and "Student")
  • Oasis Photo Contest – (obtaining the title of "Best International Oasis Photographer 2014" and the Grand Prix)
  • National Wildlife's 2013 Photo Contest - (first place)
  • RHS Photographic Competition – (obtaining the title of “RHS Young Photographer of the Year 2013”)
  • National Competition of Natural Photography “FOTO EKO 2015” – (first place)