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José Luis Valdivia is a photographer, filmmaker, columnist and teacher originally from Fuerteventura (Canary Islands-Spain). He studied Direction and Production of Film and Television. Anthropology of film, language and visual criticism. It is trainer of trainers and expert in several fields of photography and film. It is social work and the documentary one of his passions along with astronomy. Has been nominated and awarded for his work in social and environmental reporting at international festivals. For five years he was the official photographer of Samyang Spain. At present it is also Vanguard Photo Professional and collaborates with other firms and recognized journals. "The look and the photographer" is as known for over ten years its workshops throughout the Spanish territory and parts of Europe. Multidisciplinary workshops where students creativity is as important as the technique.Within these workshops the "Night photography and the time lapse" is one of the most sought collaborating with several initiatives of the Starlight Foundation. Promote your photography with the need to admire and respect the heavens to many places to enjoy the future generations.

After shooting a feature film in 2007, and a short film in 2009, at present he is finishing two new documentaries: one on disability and children, and another on Ethiopia and the life of a missionary who has helped for twenty five years a society evolve. Both works have photographic exhibitions. It also designs and wheel campaigns advertising, music videos and television commercials.

It has yet to publish his first book of photographic essay, which reflects on the role of photography in the world today. And continuous documenting different countries and cultures profusely for articles on various portals.

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