Marion Dubier-Clark (France)

Trained at the School of Photography EFET, Marion Dubier-Clark perfected the art of portrait and landscape through various trips including the United States.

She leaves fine art prints for individuals but also for Photo funds BNF, exhibited in several galleries in Paris and collaborates with various magazines, Milk, Clark magazine, Psychologies.

In 2009, she self -publishes and distributes a first book "100 Polaroids".

After the success of this first experience, she self-publishes again in 2011: "Polaroids / From New York to New Orleans" and in 2012 "From San Francisco to Los Angeles" with his impressions of the trip across the USA .

In September 2013, it is exposed to Tokyo and the photography book "Psycho cake" was published in collaboration with Carlotta and Alice Mitterrand.

In 2014, she became ambassadress Fujifilm for the X-Series products.

I enjoy working with the X-T1 for many different reasons. It is easy to handle, and its size and weight are a real benefit. I have it with me always, unlike my previous cameras which were more difficult to carry everywhere. 

I love using the viewfinder for playback because I can see my pictures immediately. 

The new exposure preview mode is brilliant; it makes it possible to preview your photos efficiently and even to explain to non-photographers how aperture and shutter speed work.

The square aspect ratio combined with the tilting LCD pleasantly reminds me of medium format film cameras, and is very convenient to take snapshots without having to look through the viewfinder. The camera retro design greatly helps get close to subjects in street photography.

Although I’m not much of a video maker, the HD movie mode is wonderfu

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Marion Dubier-Clark (France)
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