Thomas Karanikas (Greece)

I’m Τhomas Karanikas from Greece and I have been working as a professional photographer for more than 10 years. At my personal assignments I like to engage human being in everyday life with the environment where they live or work. I’m particularly inspired by the authenticity of people and the cultural variations one can find in rural communities. Lifestyle portraits are also part of my commercial shoots which are often associated with tourism, agriculture, food and beverage business. Since 2008 I’m also working as a cinematographer and visual effects editor in documentary productions about nature and environmental awareness, biographies and ancient civilization.


When I first got my hands on the X100S I challenged myself to use this camera as it was my only one in every project I had to carry out. I did portraits with complex lighting setups, I did action/outdoor photography, landscape images, night shots and more. The camera show impressive performance and the results amazed me every time. I am very much persuaded to enrich my equipment on X Series. I travel a lot by plane and I want to carry as much as possible compact equipment with no compromises on quality. I believe that X Series cameras are here to cover these needs