25.04.2015 FUJIFILM

The World of XF16mm - Get in close

“Seeing is believing”.
This is the truth when it comes to checking lens performance.

One of the key features for XF16mmF1.4 R WR is the minimum working distance of 15cm. There are only handful 24mm equivalent lenses that can get as close as the XF16mmF1.4 R WR. Majority of the equivalent lenses can only get close up to 20cm or 25cm.

“How could the 5 or 10cm make such difference?”
So here it is, “seeing is believing”

Photo by Ben Cherry

In macro, the difference of 5 or 10cm makes a huge impact specially for wide-angle lens with strong perspective. The picture becomes even more dynamic. And in the case of XF16mm, the maximum aperture of F1.4 helps bring beautiful bokeh.

Perspective becomes stronger when you get closer. And the bokeh will be enhanced when you get closer. The perspective is very dynamic because of the wide angle, and the bokeh is rich even though it”s wide angle.The XF16mm lets you to take a picture that is very unique.

Be careful not to get too close, though.

Minimum working distance of 15cm is the distance from the sensor to the subject. The lens length is about 7cm and with the flange back of 2cm considered, the subject is only 6cm away from the lens surface.