Every facet of the development and design of Fujifilm’s original X Mount began with a clean slate. The result was the marriage of high-precision optical engineering with the latest digital technology. From the acclaimed high resolution XF lens series to the compact portability of the XC lens series, each lens exploits the full potential of the X Mount’s descriptive performance

X Mount lens lineup

Each different lens opens a door to new possibilities.

Ultra wide-angle lens delivering sharp, distortion-free images
Compact wide-angle lens, perfect for snapshots
All new 23mm lens with high-speed AF and weather / dust resistance
Light pancake lens that combines light weight and compact dimensions with excellent image quality
Standard lens characterized by beautiful bokeh and outstanding sharpness
Latest mid-telephoto lens, designed for portability
Standard zoom lens renowned for its premium image quality
Telephoto zoom that produces sharp, crisp images across its zoom range


A mount adapter that allows the use of a wide variety of M Mount lenses on the X Mount camera body. It is built with a three-part structure that uses optimum materials for each of the components, to accommodate perfect fitting with high precision.