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Shalom Rufeisen (Israel)

Shalom Rufeisen is an Israeli based Cinematographer / Cameraman –
Specialized in the Documentary field.
In 2011, The film he was shooting partly: “Strangers no More” won the Oscars for short documentary!
In 2013, Two of the films he shot won awards at New York Festivals: “Fire in the Saluki” won the “Bronze” medal and “Between two moms” won the first place for a short documentary.

About his still photography,-
Well, it all started there, the passion for “framing” everything, documenting everything (well – almost) he encountered, the aesthetic of composition etc.
Shalom owns a FUJIFILM X-T2 now and he is very pleased with it:
“It gives me the pleasure of filming almost exactly like I’ve used to in the old days, when cameras still had films inside,- the handling, the simplicity of the layout of all buttons & settings etc.”
Above all, his main trade is filming, so having High Quality Video within his compact equipment comes in handy for sure!