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Mark Gilligan (UK)

Mark is an award-winning photographer and writer based in the North of England. Having been involved in imaging for over 40 years, he also produced and directed over 200 professional television programmes. He was made a Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photographers and now spends most of his time in the Lake District concentrating on his photographic work and writing.
His bespoke workshops are attended by people who come from all over the world and although he specialises in landscape, he also produces travel and documentary work across Europe for airlines and their inflight magazines. As a features writer for many outdoors titles, he is a recent winner of the prestigious Sunday Times Landscape of The Year #OMGB award and his images are used by the British Government to promote the beauty of the UK to the rest of the world. He was also merited in the final of the European Professional Landscape Photographer of The Year.
He began shooting with Fujifilm X Cameras in 2012
He is also an ambassador for Lee Filters and Berghaus.


Being able to capture the beauty of the landscape as naturally and faithfully as possible is and always has been a priority of mine. I suppose I could be called a traditionalist, because I like to take photographs of the landscape that are true to the scene. I spend as little time as I can sat in front of a computer processing. When I first saw the X-Pro1, I knew that I would love it and I did. Whilst the retro feel took me back to my film days, I was immediately impressed by its versatility as an all-round camera.
p As well as my usual shoots, it was great for reportage weddings and street work. Its lightness meant it was also easier to carry in the mountains. Similarly, I could travel abroad with much lighter kit and not lose quality. For a small package it packed a big punch. I became a mirrorless convert very quickly, removing all my full frame gear and, although I have several bodies now, I mainly shoot with the X-Pro2.