With its professional features and a design that you’ll want to show off, X-S10 is a camera you’ll want to take everywhere. Its durable, light-weight construction, beautiful design, and trademark in-hand feel truly upholds the reputation that FUJIFILM X Series cameras have for being both style icons and reliable photographic tools.

Approx.465 g

*Including battery and SD memory card

126.0mm × 85.1mm × 65.4mm

Grip Design

This camera’s small size doesn’t mean it compromises on handling. X-S10 features an ergonomic grip, making it easier to keep the camera stable when larger lenses are mounted. It’s also equipped with a magnesium-alloy front and top-plate to keep the body rigid and robust.

Enjoy X Mount Lenses

As an X Mount camera, X-S10 is backed up by a broad family of lenses to expand your image making possibilities. Fujifilm’s X Mount lens range features more than 35 different optics covering focal lengths from 8mm to 800mm*. Every lens is designed to combine incredible optical performance with a priority on optimizing for a size and weight that’s easy to manage whether you’re making stills or recording video.
*35mm equivalent of 12mm to 1200mm. 1200mm achievable when using XF2X TC WR Teleconverter.