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Yongjun Fu (China)

A Chinese photographer who focuses on the stories surrounding himself, his works are simple but profound and developed into the “Nothing Interesting” series. He won the WORLD PRESS PHOTO (WPP) Award twice; winner of the Chinese Photography Golden Award 2007; winner of the Outstanding Curator “Flying Horse” Award of Pingyao International Photography Festival 2014. He was also in the jury of International Press Photo Award and Chinese Photography Golden Award. Now he is the founder of, documentary pro-member of the Chinese Photographers Association; vice president of Zhejiang Province Photographers Association. He is also lecturer of several workshops, such as “Sina Go Take Photos Youth”, “Norway International Young Photographers”, ”Denmark Press Academy Chinese Photographers”.  Published two books <Then West Lake>,<Lens downwards>. Works are collected by Chinese Art Museum.

Fotogrāfa viedoklis

I use the X-T2 and X100 Series cameras when I do street photography and I also use them more and more for my documentary projects.  I chose Fujifilm equipment first because of street photography which requires being as discreet as possible. The compact size allows me to go almost unnoticed and high image quality is satisfied me.