2020.11.19 Onyi Moss

#SOOC: Onyi Moss x X-S10

Onyi Moss

Onyi is a self-taught photographer based in Manchester, UK. Originally from Nigeria, she moved to the UK to advance her career as a chartered accountant. There she discovered her passion for photography that eventually led to the creation of her blog mossonyi.com – a space where she tells a romantic story of fashion, travel and lifestyle.

Originally from Nigeria and now based in Manchester, UK, Onyi Moss is a talented photographer and content creator, sharing a romantic and editorial take on life and travel. Onyi’s passion for photography eventually led to the creation of her blog mossonyi.com. Her careful curation of visual storytelling explores travel, fashion, and lifestyle, which she shares on her blog and online platforms. Coming from a DSLR set up, Onyi took the X-S10 on her most recent adventure to the glamorous Lake Como in Italy to see if this lightweight alternative could produce the high-quality imagery she needs whilst traveling. She’s shared her thoughts about the camera below.

X-S10 & XF50mmF1.0 R WR

First impressions:

My first impression of the FUJIFILM X-S10 was how small and lightweight it was compared to my DSLR, which was a good thing as I often do find myself struggling with the weight of my current kit, especially during my travels.

I was also pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to figure out a new camera system, thanks to the PSAM dial, and begin shooting straight away.

X-S10 & XF50mmF1.0 R WR

Shooting on location:

I found the camera pretty easy to use during the shoot on location! Once the initial settings were configured – such as bracketing the film simulations – all I had to do was just adjust my exposure where necessary and that too was easy to learn to do using the PSAM dial.

The autofocus function also did a great job of capturing my intended subjects. I usually don’t tend to shoot autofocus with my DSLR because of how unreliable it can be, but the FUJIFILM X-S10 swayed me.

X-S10 & XF50mmF1.0 R WR

Film simulations and the colours captured in camera:

I think the film simulations are brilliant. I recently started shooting film and this was a nice way to capture the feel of film digitally, which was a first for me. There is a range of options but I kept going back to ACROS, Classic Chrome, and ProNeg Hi.

My usual way of shooting with a DSLR is editing and color grading the images in post-production. Something I often do use the same filter. But the film simulations in the X-S10 opened my eyes to other possibilities, which are instant and could also allow me to tell a better story.

X-S10 & XF23mmF1.4 R

Quality of the X Series lenses that you can pair with the camera:

I was initially shocked at the quality of the lenses on offer. Perhaps because I haven’t had the chance to try out a Fujifilm lens before. It was a good shock nonetheless as I was amazed by the quality of them, with my absolute favorite being the XF50mm F1.0. I can hand down say it’s one of the best lenses I’ve ever shot with. The bokeh, focus, and precision is top-notch.

X-S10 & XF50mmF1.0 R WR

Final thoughts:

Shooting with the FUJIFILM X-S10 has been a wonderful experience in both the technical and practical sense. I love that the camera is lightweight and delivers the same quality as that of my DSLR as I never want to compromise on quality. The camera was easy to use and a great way to explore the spirit of the film in a digital camera, which made for beautiful storytelling during my travels. My expectations were superseded and I feel persuaded to explore more with it.

X-S10 & XF50mmF1.0 R WR