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Monster Glass XF8-16mmF2.8 with Gianluca Colla

Gianluca Colla documents skateboarders

by Gianluca Colla X-Photographer, Monster Glass, Gianluca Colla, Italy, sports
GFX challenge with Sandro Georgi -Piedmont

Sandro Georgi visits to winery in Piedmont, Italy

by Sandro Georgi GFX, X-Photographer, Sandro Georgi, documentary, GFX challenge, jens krauer, Switzerland, Italy
X-H1: Federico Tardito x Soccer & BMX -Proud of-

Italian Photographer Federico Tardito shoots soccer and BMX on X-H1

by Federico Tardito Proud of, federico tardito, sports, Italy
X-H1: Fabio Lovino x Cinema Stills -Proud of-

Fabio Lovino from Italy shoots cinema stills on X-H1

by Fabio Lovino X-Photographer, Proud of, fabio lovino, Italy
"Wildlife Photographer of the Year"로 선정된 Marco Urso 의 작품

X-T2로 촬영한 Marco Urso의 작품이 "WPY 2017"에 선정되었습니다. 

by Marco Urso wildlife, X-Photographer, Marco Urso, Italy
GFX stories with Giulia Bianchi

Giulia Bianchi from Italy tracks down her family roots and captures with the GF45mmF2.8 lens

by Giulia Bianchi GFX, GFX Stories, Giulia Bianchi, Italy
X-E3: Marco Tortato x Venice

X-Photographer Marco Tortato captures his hometown Venice with the X-E3

by Marco Tortato X-Photographer, street photography, Italy, Marco Tortato
X-E3: Alex Liverani x Street Photography

Alex Liverani captures the street of Sri Lanka with the X-E3

by Alex Liverani Alex Liverani, Italy, street photography
Headshots – The Behind-the-Scenes Story

German commercial photographer Thorsten Rother tells how he approached his project "Headshot"

by Thorsten Rother GFX Stories, GFX, Sara Lando, Italy, portrait, commercial photography
Impressions of the FUJIFILM GFX 50S by Sara Lando

Italian commercial photographer Sara Lando tells her experience with the GFX

by Sara Lando GFX Stories, GFX, Sara Lando, Italy, portrait, commercial photography
Traveling with the X100F

X-Photographer Toshimitsu Takahashi visits Naples and Puglia in the southern part of Italy with X100F.

by Toshimitsu Takahashi X100 Series, street photography, Toshimitsu Takahashi, Italy, travel
GFX Mash Up Stefano Guindani x GIOPAGANI & BAGUTTA

Italian Photographer Stefano Guindani shoots fashion with the GFX 50S

by Stefano Guindani GFX Mashup, GFX, Italy, fashion, Stefano Guindani
EF-X500 Testing on location #2

Max De Martino visits Val Fontanabuona to capture portraits of artisans with the EF-X500.

by Max De Martino Max De Martino, flash, portrait, Italy, X-Photographer

GFX로 촬영한 TOILETPAPER 매거진의 작업 현장을 만나보세요.

by TOILETPAPER Magazine TOILETPAPER Magazine, Italy, studio, GFX Stories, GFX
GFX스토리 with Nordica Photography -Living in Large-

스웨덴 출신 웨딩 포토그래퍼 NORDICA의 촬영 현장을 방문합니다!

by NORDICA Photography GFX Stories, GFX, Nordica Photography, Sweden, Italy, wedding
GFX스토리 with Sara Lando

이탈리아의 인물사진가 Sara Lando 가 새로운 GF110mmF2 R LM WR렌즈를 테스트했습니다.

by Sara Lando GFX Stories, GFX, portrait, Italy, Sara Lando
X100F : Riccardo Spatolisano와 사진 촬영

Riccardo Spatolisano는 X100F와 함께 하는 사진 촬영을 이야기합니다.

by Riccardo Spatolisano Riccardo Spatolisano, X-Photographer, Italy
X100F: Gabriele Lopez x 도시 사진

Gabriele Lopez는 X100F로 촬영한 도시 사진을 이야기합니다

by Gabriele Lopez Gabriele Lopez, X-Photographer, Italy
Luca Bracali (이탈리아) x 여행

X-포토그래퍼 Luca Bracali는 X-T2 그라파이트 실버 에디션을 들고 아일랜드를 방문했습니다.

by Luca Bracali Luca Bracali, Italy, X-Photographer, travel
EF-X500 야외 촬영 테스트

EF-X500의 두 번째 에피소드 - Max De Martino

by Max De Martino Max De Martino, Simone Raso, flash, sports, portrait, Italy, X-Photographer
Gabriele Lopez - 에피소드 #5

Gabriele Lopez - 에피소드 #5

by Gabriele Lopez Gabriele Lopez, Italy, diary, street photography, documentary, X-Photographer
X70과 함께 하는 Gabriele Lopez 2부 - 에피소드 #4

X-포토그래퍼 Gabriele Lopez는 X70을 사용한 자신의 일상 사진 촬영에 대해 이야기합니다.

by Gabriele Lopez Gabriele Lopez, Italy, diary, X-Photographer
X70과 함께 하는 Gabriele Lopez

X70과 함께 하는 Gabriele Lopez

by Gabriele Lopez Gabriele Lopez, Italy, documentary, X-Photographer, street photography
EF-X500 개요 - Max De Martino

Max De Martino는 새로운 플래시 EF-X500를 리뷰합니다.

by Max De Martino Max De Martino, X-Photographer, Italy, flash, portrait
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