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Michael Schaake

My name is Michael Schaake and I’m a photographer from Bonn, Germany. I got my first camera at the age of 6. When you pressed the shutter release, a little plastic bird popped out of the lens. It didn’t take any pictures though. This made such a lasting impression, I very soon wanted a real camera. A couple of years later, I was using my father’s manual Praktica and spending many hours in my improvised B/W laboratory. Photography had me under its spell. As I love traveling, I concentrate on landscape, nature and street photography. The challenge of discovering the world through a lens also nurtures and changes my everyday perception of objects. The adventure of photography helps me be more aware and communicative on my journeys, to experience them more intensively. It takes me to places I wouldn’t otherwise see or that I wouldn’t otherwise visit. It’s a creative process that I find great fun and am passionate about.


Everything began with a manual Praktica SLR camera. This was followed by cameras from various manufacturers. As a technology fan, I was thrilled by every new feature. However, in time I noticed that my desire to pick up my camera was diminishing. The ergonomics and design of modern DSLR cameras just didn’t appeal to me. All that changed when I picked up the Fujifilm X-E1 for the first time. The design, feel and quality all convinced me very quickly. With the X-T1, Fujifilm granted my wish for a camera that was strongly reminiscent of my favorite camera from the days of analog photography. Added to this, it has an outstanding range of lenses, which with the XF 100-400mm now also meets my need for a wider range for nature photography. As a photographer, people sometimes ask you about your equipment. If I am to believe the remarks I hear on my travels, the Fujifilm X System seems to be very appealing. I find this a great advantage, particularly for street and people photography. And by pressing the Instax printer, you can give pleasure to a lot of people, especially on journeys.