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John Davidson (Canada)

Photographers such as myself have a love for traditional film and printing techniques. Even now I find myself re-visiting my film roots for part of my work. This will never fade. Yet the new technology has an attraction that alerts one to other exciting techniques associated with the medium of photography. My interests in photography are artistic and contractual. I love all of it. When I can, I shoot people and the landscape: sometimes simultaneously. Much of my inspiration comes from the outdoors and travel but not exclusively. As well as exhibiting and selling my images, I enjoy sharing my knowledge of and enthusiasm for photography with others, through teaching to full-time students at Durham College and smaller workshops. All my images are finished as museum-quality photographs and have been printed on the highest quality archival papers. They have been matted and framed to the same archival standards. In addition to my Nikon & Hasselblad film cameras, I use Nikon digital cameras & lenses. Recently, I’ve acquiring the new FUJIFILM X-E2 and some lenses. I am now re-discovering excitement in using this small, precise and beautiful camera.