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Jean-Pierre Vicario (Switzerland)

Jean-Pierre was born in 1969 and started photography at the age of 15. He had the chance to use the school dark room between classes. Having lots of things to discover, he dropped photography for some time and came back to it “accidentally” before a trip to the Canary Islands 12 years ago. He is now a freelance photographer based in Lausanne region and a teacher. The main focus of his work is portraits, music, and travel photography. He also loves to walk around cities to capture the life and the people surrounding him. He is very committed to humanity and protection of nature. Jean-Pierre has been teaching photography for 8 years in different classes and workshops that he organises in the French speaking part of Switzerland.


I started using the Fuji X100 on vacation: it was supposed to be my “evening camera”, but very quickly I used it more and more (the 35mm has always been my favourite lens). Soon, I moved on to the X-Pro1 with a range of lenses from the 18mm to the 85mm (I only use prime lenses). The most important for me is to be fast, quiet and not disturbing. The small size of the Fuji X cameras allows me to get close to people without being intrusive, to shoot in concerts when there is silence, without compromising the quality of the images. When I got my first X-T1 in 2014, I had the impression of holding THE ultimate camera; it was made just for me! With the 85mm 1.2, I got the right combo for my portrait photography. Fast, extremely well designed, I had found an alternative to my “too big and too heavy DSLR” and best of all, the pictures need less post-production which gives me more time to shoot. Moreover, the Fuji philosophy allowing photographers to get new features by simply updating the camera or lenses firmware is particularly appreciable and clever. I have now replaced my “old” X100 by the X100T that usually lives in the pocket of my jacket and is always reedy to grab a street situation. For some time now, I have been searching the limits of the Fuji cameras and I must say there is nothing I could shoot with my heavy DSLR that I can’t shoot with my X-T1. The extra bonus is the pleasure to use such a great camera.