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2020.01.31 Chu Viet Ha

Different Breed: チュ・ヴィエット・ハx X-Pro3

Chu Viet Ha

I was born in 1987 in Bac Ninh, Vietnam. I am a photography enthusiast specialized in street photography. Photography is really a powerful tool, a bridge that helps me to communicate with the diversity of life and the people around me. Since the beginning of taking photos, I have pursued and continued to pursue a kind of photography religion described as “Decisive moments”. With hobbies and strengths of approaching the subjects, I always want to bring the viewers closer, even make them become a part of the moments on the street.

My works have appeared in various newspapers and magazines about Street Photography such as IPA, 121clicks, Streethunters… I have also organized several exhibitions as well as being a jury for various photo contests both locally and internationally scale.

ベトナム出身のXフォトグラファー チュ・ヴィエット・ハがX-Pro3でベトナムの情景を捉えます。