2021/2/25 - 2/28

Photographers and developers will talk about the new world of overwhelming high image quality created by the large format system “GFX series”, and the features of the mirrorless system “X series” that pursues the best balance between image quality and mobility. Get the Scoop on Hot New Products: the GFX100S and X-E4.
In the print service, photographers will introduce “Premium Print” which is ideal for creating works, “WALL DECOR” which expands the ease of decorating, a popular “Photobook” and a new service “HALF-SIZE PRINT”.
As a comprehensive photo manufacturer which provides total services from photography taking to print output, we FUJIFILM propose how to enjoy photography. Please stay tuned!

Photo print products will be available in Japan only.

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keiko akahane
High Quality That Brings Your Work to Life: Hardcover Photo Books

This creator is a model and photographer “fully dedicated” to both careers. After an apprenticeship with photographer Ichiro Fujisato, she went independent in October of 2020. Her appearances as a model include a series of television ads in 2019 for a new direct flight service between Haneda and Vienna, and a 2017 campaign for Fujifilm’s Instax products. She also modelled for Ichiro Fujisato’s “Marginal” and “Re: Marginal” exhibitions in 2018 and 2019, respectively. In her capacity as a photographer she has produced two series of travel snapshots: 2018’s “straight-faced duality” and 2019’s “straight-faced: eight special days in three countries”.

Shoichi Asaoka
Subject Re: Had I been reincarnated my snapshot portraits would be incomparable with X-E4

As a sideline to his work in advertising, where he focuses on portraits and product photography, this Fujifilm X photographer—born in Tōkyō and with a Master’s from the Chuō Law School—also takes art photos that blend models into night, dusk, and rain-lit landscapes.

chihiro ishino
Life with WALL DÉCOR

Born 1983. After graduating from Tōkyō Polytechnic University in the Faculty of Arts, this photographer moved to England, where she graduated from Central Saint Martins and the London College of Communication. Beginning while she was still in university, she spends her days as a photographer travelling around the world in the pursuit of color and light.

Yukio Uchida
Uncommon Lights: New Film Simulations, 25% Stephen Shore, and Using the GFX100S for Story Photos

Born in Niigata in what was then Ryōtsu-shi (now Sado-shi), he became a freelance photographer after being employed as a civil servant. In addition to his day job as an advertising photographer working with celebrities and musicians, he has established a reputation for his black-and-white photos of local townsfolk and snapshots of foreign cities. He also tried his hand at writing as a contributor to newspapers and camera magazines. Among his best known works are Leica to Monokuro no Hibi and Itsumo Kamera Ga (Leica Rolling Stone). He is currently works as an instructor for photography courses and clubs and is active in workshops held by camera manufacturers. He calls himself “the last classical photographer”, but others call him “the first muscle photographer”.

Yoshihiro Enatsu
Cutting-Edge Digital Cinema with the X-T4 and X-S10

This digital cinema creator joined Tōkyō Broadcasting System (TBS) Television in 1998, where he worked on the sports desk directing many relay broadcasts, principally for documentary programs. In 2008 he left to found marimoRECORDS with his brother, Masaäki. He currently appears in and creates a variety of digital cinema while participating in every aspect of production, from planning and filming through editing and distribution.

Mineko Orisaku
Taking Photos and Decorating with X-Series Cameras

Selected to represent Japan in the 1981 Miss Universe beauty pageant, this native of Ishikawa joined Studio Ohtake the following year. Since setting out on her own in 1987, she has gone on to photograph beautiful moments featuring scenery and people from around the world. Apart from the many exhibitions of her photos in Japan and abroad, her work ranges from television appearances to the lecture circuit. She is a professor at the Ōsaka University of Arts, where she heads the School of Photography.

Kazunori Kawada
The Joy of Taking Photos with an Everyday Camera

Born in Yokohama, Kanagawa, he first became interested in photography in the third grade, when he walked around town shooting pictures with his father’s SLR. After ten years in the corporate world, he apprenticed himself to the photographer Koichi Saito, acting in the role of assistant for four years before leaving to work as a freelancer. His current activities include portrait photography for a variety of publications, writing how-to articles and impressions of new models for camera magazines, and giving photography courses. He is a fan of all cameras, both film and digital, and loves rusty old signs and abandoned decaying cars. His hobbies, apart from photography, are cycling and audio.

Noriko Kita
Enchanting Nature Shots with the GFX100S

A student of Maekawa Shōichi, this photographer is known for her skillful manipulation of light, color, and film in works that take Japan’s natural landscape as their theme. The recipient of photo-of-the-month and photo-of-the-year awards from many camera magazines while still an amateur, she embarked on a career as a freelance photographer in 2019, the same year as her “MOMENT” exhibition at the Fujifilm Photo Salons in Tōkyō, Ōsaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Sapporo. Her anthology MOMENT is available from Bun-ichi Co., Ltd. She is a member of the Photographic Society of Japan.

Tomoki Kuwajima
Capturing the Light of the Everyday with X100V

Born in Okayama in 1978, he was apprenticed to Kentaro Kamata until setting out on his own in 2004. Since then his works have appeared in a wide variety of venues, including magazines, celebrity photo anthologies, and advertisements. His publications include Gaga (2019), an anthology of photos he has taken of his wife over the years, and Garyo Gakō (2020).

Minoru Kobayashi
Discovering a New World of Automotive Photography with X and GFX Cameras

Born in Kanagawa in 1955, he served for eight years on the staff of CAR GRAPHIC, an automotive magazine, before setting out on his own. With 42 years experience photographing cars and motor sports, he has been an official photographer for the Super Formula Championship and Super GT and photographed the 24 Hours of Le Mans and other races both at home and abroad. He heads the Japan Racing Photographers’ Association (JRPA), teaches part time in the Department of Photography at the Nihon University College of Art, and serves on the Special Selection Committee of the Camera Grand Prix.

Shiro Sano
X: Travels in Black-and-White, Recorded in ACROS

Born on March 4, 1955, this native of Shimanë made his movie debut in 1986’s Yumë Miru Yō ni Nemuritai, and has since appeared in many movies, dramas, and theater productions. In addition to working as an actor, he narrates the works of Lafcadio Hearn, takes photographs, writes, and plays in a band.

sara masuda
Why I Love Half-Size Prints and Want You to Too

Born on September 12, 2001, and currently residing in Tōkyō, this photographer and videographer’s work includes taking still photos for corporate advertising, artist portraits, and CD jackets. She held her first solo exhibition, “Écran ni Shizumu”, at the Dōjunkan gallery in Omotesandō Hills. She also has begun expanding the scope of her activities as a videographer, winning an honorable mention award at the second Fellows Film Festival and working as a director and camera operator for music videos.

Kiyoshi Tatsuno
The Allure of Medium-Format Landscape Photos with GFX100S

Born in 1959 and currently living in Nagano, this winner of the 2003 Maeda Shinzō Prize became a photographer after working in interior design. His works have often appeared in exhibitions and been collected in photo anthologies, and he is the author of a number of books. In addition to being a member of the Photographic Society of Japan and the Guiding Committee of the Japan Nature Scenery Photograph Association, chair of the Shizen-sō Nature Photographers, and a permanent lecturer at the Fujifilm X Academy, he serves in a wide variety roles, including judging photo contests and writing regular columns for photo magazines, giving lectures, and teaching photography classes. He has dedicated his considerable compositional skills and richly poetic style to developing the narrative potential of Japan’s repertoire of scenic expression.

Shiro Hagihara
× Reiko Hagihara
Landscape Photography Mentoring Session

Shiro Hagihara
Born in Kōfu, Yamanashi, in 1959, he helped launch the Fūkei Shashin photo magazine and has served in the roles of editor and publisher. On retirement, he turned to landscape photography and has been active in a wide variety of roles, including contributing to photo magazines, judging photo contests, and teaching classes on photography. He has published many books, most recently Gendai Fūkei Shashin Hyōgen (Genkōsha), a collection of photo essays, and the photo anthology Iro X Shun (Fūkei Shashin Publishers). His exhibitions include “Iro X Shun” in 2015 and 2019 and 2020’s “Shiga Highlands”. He is the vice chair of the Japan Scenery Photographers Association (JSPA), a member of the Guiding Committees of the Japan Nature Scenery Photograph Association (JNP) and Federation of Japan University Photo Clubs (FUPC), and a lecturer at the Fujifilm X Academy.

Reiko Hagihara
Born in Nanjō, Okinawa, she spent her student days wandering the world. Gradually growing enamoured with Japanese landscape photographs, she spent three years at Ishinoyu Lodge in Nagano’s Shiga Highlands as part of a project run by Fūkei Shashin, a bimonthly magazine, to encourage young nature photographers, after which she set out on her own. She has studied under the landscape photographers Toshiki Nakanishi, Shiro Hagihara, and Toshiya Hagihara. She is currently pursuing the “Heart of Nature”, the theme of a project of the same name, working mainly in the Shiga Highlands, Tsumagoi, and Okinawa. She has published Gendai Fūkei Shashin Hyōgen (Genkōsha), a photo essay anthology, and has “Heart of Nature” exhibitions planned for Tōkyō, Ōsaka, Sapporo, and Nagoya in 2021.

The GFX: The GFX 100 and Beyond

A full member of the Japan Advertising Photographers’ Association (APA) who demands authenticity, his policy is to shoot on location and never synthesize pictures from multiple photos. He uses only real flowers, which create a beautiful, unfading moment when photographed precisely because they will eventually wilt. His unique vision produces photos that tell original stories, winning prizes that include many from overseas. He has the support of a legion of fans and his photo picture books and books on photography and lighting are also popular.

Ichiro Fujisato
1.Portrait of a Seaside Town with X-E4
2.Exhibiting Your Photos

The “hippest” photographer in this world of ours, his photos are alternately rugged in their masculinity and charming in their beauty. His exhibitions, of which he holds as many as ten a year, are known for their large numbers of repeat customers. In 2019 he launched a series of exhibitions under the title Onna (Woman), a genre he has resolved to conquer anew. Together with actress Kamataki Eri and art director Mimura Kan, he is currently involved in a project to hold a photo exhibition every ten years. When it comes to books, he has published Portrait no Susume with Nihon Shashin Kikaku.

Hidetaka Horiguchi
Why Choose a Fujifilm Camera in This Video Age?

Editor-in-chief of “monograph”, a monomedia channel with 120,000 subscribers, he left Yahoo! JAPAN to become CEO of Drip, where he acquaints the public with the best everyday goods via YouTube, keeping close to the zeitgeist with social-media influencers while pursuing his love of craftsmanship.

Masataka Matsutoya
Seeking Photos That Sing: From Camera Lover to Photo Fan

Born in Tōkyō in 1951 and a graduate of the Keiō University Faculty of letters, this composer, arranger, and producer began studying classical piano at the age of four and started playing in bands when he was about 14. He began working as a professional session musician from around the age of 20 and has since been featured in recordings by many artists. Beginning with Matsutōya Yumi (aka Yuming), he has appeared on stage with a variety of performers, and in 2012 was heavily involved, including as a writer and performer, in the movie and stage music for “Yuming × Imperial Theater Volume 1: August 31, Last Day of the Summer Vacation”. In addition to working as a casting director for “CAR GRAPHIC TV”, he has served on the selection committee for Car of the Year Japan. His show “JINS presents Matsutōya Masataka’s ‘This is a bit of weird question, but do you mind if I ask anyway?’” is broadcast Fridays on TFM at 5:30 pm.

Arranging Half-Size Prints to Suit Your Tastes: My Photo-Arranging Techniques

Known for her bright, pop-art aesthetic, this photographer gives lessons and spreads the joys of photography nationwide via workshops and her personal YouTube channel. She has over 90,000 followers on Instagram, while the number of subscribers to her YouTube channel tops 50,000. Her works include photos for a 2021 calendar featuring Fumino Kimura, as well as Ayaka Hironaka’s Jundo 100% photo serial and Sō Da Kyōtō, Ikō. In addition to Ayaka Hironaka's Jundo 100% (photos), she has featured as an author in guides to taking product photographs for Instagram and working as a photographer in the age of social media.

takashi yokoyama
Display Them! Gift Them! Win Prizes! Making Prints Everyone Will Love

A lecturer for the X Academy, a technical advisor to SILKYPIX, an EIZO ColorEdge Ambassador, and a member of the Photo Master Certification Committee, he helps software developers verify the RAW data used in many cameras, is involved in product planning and promotion, and conducts seminars at venues that include events and workshops nationwide. Since 2016 he has freelanced as a commercial photographer. His other activities include holding workshops for amateur photographers and providing print direction to professionals. He believes in providing easy-to-understand, enjoyable instruction to beginners.

Mina Yoshikawa
A Camerawoman’s Key to Success: the World of the X-S10

A full member of the Japan Advertising Photographers’ Association (APA) currently on the staff of NEO ALFA LINE, she embarked on a career as a photographer after graduating from university and working as a model. She has studied under HASEO (aka Hasegawa Haseo). Certified as calligraphy instructor, her calligraphic touch lends her works a Japanese flavor that defines her own unique style. Not only has tried her hand at commercial photography of every kind, but commercial photography is also part of her work as a model.

Koji Yoneya
Choosing the Perfect Zoom Lens for Train Photos : XF70-300mmF4-5.6 R LM OIS WR

Born in Yamagata in 1968, he travels Japan and the world in pursuit of photos that link people and railways in the midst of railscapes with a lived-in look. His exhibition “Tetsudō Mabaroshi Fūkei” was held in the Fujifilm Imaging Plazas in Tōkyō and Ōsaka in 2020. He is the author of many books, including the essay collection Hitotabi Testutabi and the photo anthology I LOVE TRAIN—Asia Rail Life (korocolor). He is a member of the Japan Professional Photographers’ Society (JPS) and a lecturer at the X Academy.

shinichi wago
WALL DÉCOR: Cutting No Corners When It Comes to Charm

His work as an artist began in earnest in 2014, after he had spent seven years as a graphic designer. In addition to many stage appearances in works that include the O-somatsu-san and Kuroko no Basuke series, he has also acted in television dramas, including Kaseifu no Mitazono. He is also a regular presenter on World Tour Kanpeki MAP and Nippon Bikei Meguri (BS Fuji). He is involved in every aspect of production from acting through camera work and editing, and exhibits a talent for everything from photography through website and merchandise design.

Developer 1
Talk by GFX100S Developers

Developer 2
Talk by X-E4 Developers

Developer 3
Talk by New Product Lens Developers