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Trained more the 8000 participants since 2007 in Pictorial series of outdoor photography courses, Keith started photography since he was just 14 years old. With his never ending passion in both photography and photographic equipment, Keith joined a Japan based corporation as a regional trainer in consumer electronics and since then, he actively conducts workshops regionally and locally to both consumers and retailers. Within 12 years of his corporate career, Keith was head hunted by another Japan based camera maker as a product manager.

With his passion in training and love for photography, coupled with chances and opportunities given by his employers, Keith accumulated vast amount of experiences in Photography and Technical Know-How, and after which he decided to quit his full-time job in Olympus and went pro to set up Pictorial Photography Courses based in Singapore.

Since then Keith has participated in various camera product launches, which he was invited to be the guest speaker and photography judging in various photography competition.

With his never ending pursue of photography and technical knowledge, he has already conducted photography/product trainings for most of the camera dealers in Singapore since 2008 representing various esteem photography brands.

Currently he owns 54 cameras and a fleet of lenses purchased by himself during his different stages in photography, and it is further continued with FujiFilm's series of X-cameras. His first encounter with Fujifilm begin with the X-Pro1 in 2012 and was deeply impressed with the image quality and the ergonomics of it. "To be able to capture my intended imagination and able to recreate them is one of the key reasons why I am focusing on FujiFilm X cameras, and it is getting better with each newer Fujifilm cameras, top notch lenses and the firmware supports I am getting from them! exceeding my high expectations of a esteem camera making corporation " he said.

Keith runs the business aspects of Pictorial, and due to his nature as a perfectionist he undertakes the role of a photography instructor in Pictorial outdoor photography courses to provide the best quality photography courses available.

During many brainstorming sessions in his " sabbatical" trips to various photographic locations in Singapore and overseas, Keith realizes that the best way to teach photography to others would be to learn it in an outdoor environment, where conditions and photo opportunities are constantly changing.

Keith's personal aspiration is to keep challenging himself to think out-of-the-box by taking artistically created pictures in every shoot. He would also love to 'de-mystify' of the technical aspects of photography by making it easier for others to understand, through Pictorial photography courses.

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