04.10.2022 Paco Navarro

X-H2: Fashion x Paco Navarro

Paco Navarro

Paco Navarro ha iniziato la sua carriera professionale nel 1983 come assistente del fotografo Alejandro Cabrera. Il suo talento è cresciuto rapidamente e un anno dopo ha vinto il premio Planeta per la fotografia, che gli ha consentito di mettersi in proprio.
Paco Navarro ha un’ampia esperienza professionale, che comprende i lavori per riviste di moda (Vogue, Elle, Telva, ecc), riviste maschili (GQ, Gentleman, Man, ecc), copertine di album per artisti di successo tra cui Miguel Bosé, Rocio Jurado e Isabel Pantoja, campagne pubblicitarie (El Corte Inglés, Rolex, Vitesse, ecc) e cataloghi di moda (Roberto Verino, Jesús del Pozo, ecc.) Ha fotografato star del cinema tra cui Pedro Almodóvar, Penélope Cruz e Antonio Banderas.
Oggi collabora con la rivista Lecturas, fotografando celebrità.

X-H2 Impression

I would like to thank Fujifilm for choosing me to test the new Fujifilm X-H2 camera and Fujinon XF56mmF1.2 R WR lens. I am a fashion and portrait photographer. Since 2011 I belong to the group of Fujifilm X-Photographers. Currently I use Fujifilm X-T4 and Fujifilm GFX 50S cameras.

During the last month I have been testing the new equipment on fashion and portrait shoots and I have also taken it on trips for landscape photography and family photos. I’m sorry I can’t give you information on some of the technical details I don’t have but I can give you my first impressions.

X-H2 & XF56mmF1.2 R WR

I usually work with the camera in my hand during portrait and fashion shoots so that I can move freely and follow the person… looking for the angle, the frame, that magical moment. It is very important to me to have equipment that is light, easy to handle and at the same time gives me the best quality.

In the spirit of the X and GFX series, the new FUJIFILM X-H2 is a small, lightweight camera that feels very comfortable in the hand.

The big new feature of this camera is that it has a resolution of 40 megapixels – it’s almost like having a medium format camera with all the speed and portability benefits of the X Series.

X-H2 & XF56mmF1.2 R WR

The combination of the X-H2 camera and the XF56mmF1.2 R WR lens produces images of extraordinary sharpness even with the lens at its widest aperture. The autofocus is lightning fast, very accurate and, at the same time, very smooth.

A new stabilisation system has been incorporated to allow hand-held photography at slow shutter speeds.

I have used the eye/face detection system a lot. It is incredibly accurate and simplifies portrait sessions as you don’t have to keep focusing all the time.

The new camera incorporates a new subject detection system, recognising and focusing on different subjects as you select them. It detects animals, birds, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, planes and trains. It is sure to be very useful for those involved in nature and sports photography.

X-H2 & XF56mmF1.2 R WR

The camera’s viewfinder is very bright, without a doubt the best electronic viewfinder I have tried so far.

The exterior of the camera has some differences to the X-T4. It has a screen on the top right where you can see all the information and shooting settings.

There are also buttons for direct access to focus mode, white balance and ISO selection. The shutter speed is now changed from a wheel on the top right of the camera.

X-H2 & XF33mmF1.4 R LM WR

The Fujinon XF56mmF1.2 R lens is the lens I use the most for my fashion and portrait work. The new XF56mmF1.2 R WR is a lens that delivers incredible sharpness. Its new construction shortens the focusing distance which allows you to get closer to your subject and photograph fine details more accurately.

The bokeh of this lens is wonderful and the smoothness with which we move from in-focus to out-of-focus areas is spectacular. It’s definitely the perfect lens for fashion and portraiture.

X-H2 & XF56mmF1.2 R WR

So far I have only been able to edit my photos in JPG as the Lightroom and Camera Raw versions for editing raw files are not yet available. I couldn’t be more impressed with the excellent quality and sharpness of the images, the depth of the files in the shadows and highlights and the fantastic Fujifilm signature colour.

I think the new FUJIFILM X-H2 is a superb and very versatile camera as it brings together the best features of the X series and the GFX series and together with the FUJINON XF56mmF1.2 R WR lens it is the perfect kit for my fashion and portrait work.

X-H2 & XF56mmF1.2 R WR