23.10.2020 Hamster Low

#SOOC: Hamster Low x X-S10

Hamster Low

8 years as a Film Editor. Has edited 15 films and being released in cinemas Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Love taking pictures, like love life. Though I am not making my living by taking photos, but it is my favorite hobby in my life. Taking photo brings me the fresh air, the scenery, the exercise, and the time to think.

SOOC stands for ‘Straight Out of Camera’ and it is a pretty simple concept. I enjoy using the JPEG straight out from the X-S10.

Sometimes I don’t need to do any post retouching to give it an honest impression of what the camera can deliver.

SOOC not only for save my time in editing. It makes me hold a state of mind which I may do my best when every time I raise up the camera and snaps off a shot. Rather than expecting it’ll only be good after editing.

I’ve been a Film Simulation addict!

Those extensive selections of Film Simulation build in X-S10 is so amazing especially Classic Chrome and Classic Negative.

Not only that, just some minor setting in camera will suffice me to create my own personal style.

And of course, same for apply it to videography. Taking video by using Fujifilm camera with Film Simulations and some minor setting can make me skip out the complicated post color grading process. It is good enough with the color straight out from camera. I Just need to fully focus on the story and fluency of the video. I feel like unconsciously fell in love again with photography during this one and a half a year ago I used a Fujifilm camera.

When a camera comes with a light weighted body, solid and stable performance, some more the gorgeous color straight out from the camera. A good camera will make you want to carry-on and records snatches of your life through photographs and videography. It makes you begin to notice the details of life, and identify the small things in life that make you feel good. This is Fujifilm X-S10.