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Eivind Rohne (Norway)

My name is Eivind Røhne, and I've been a commercial and editorial photographer since the mid ninetees. I love people, so I shoot fashion, lifestyle, commercial and editorial portraits, people at work etc. I also love lines, shapes and man-made structures, so I shoot industrial subjects, architecture and interiors for commercial and editorial use. I think I'm born with a strong need to organize the chaotic world that we live in. Working hard to try and get all those elements organized into one single picture suits me well. Even though I often use flash to get the right mood in my pictures, I must confess I enjoy existing light the most! There's just nothing like shaping the light that is already there with reflectors and diffusors. I'm also a published author of a Norwegian 'how-to' and inspirational book on photography, and I teach photographic courses and workshops as well. Sharing my passion for photography, and the things I've learned through the years with others, is a very rewarding thing. In many ways I'm spoiled with excellent image quality. When converting from film to digital in 2005, I went straight to medium format digital. Heavy as hell, but with great image quality. But thank god for the X-series! Now I can get outstanding image quality from small mirrorless cameras in the Fujifilm X series. Believe me, lugging around heavy cameras for a couple of decades is no fun... As a full time professional photographer, I'm impressed with how the X-series cameras don't get in my way. They just do the job, and they do it well. Coupled with a range of great lenses, they are simply great tools for creating images. And who knows colors better than Fuji?! I mean they have 80 years of practice from making films. These cameras give me beautiful skin tones and great colors straight out of the box! Even though I love black & white photography, I'm a man of colors. To me they are what spices and herbs are to a chef. I would go so far as to say that these cameras make me a better photographer. They're light. They're fast. They're rugged. And they've got that X-factor (no pun intended) that just inspire me to go out and shoot pictures and keep on learning!