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05.09.2020 Giulio Meliani

XF50mmF1.0 R WR: One Story, One Creator, One Aperture

Giulio Meliani

Giulio Meliani is a Brazilian-born professional photographer and videographer who works on commercials, music videos and documentary short films in LA, California.

LA-based image maker, Giulio Meliani, received FUJINON XF50mmF1.0 R WR and was so inspired by its capabilities; he wanted to do more than just an everyday gear test

“When Fujifilm invited me to work on this project using the new XF50mmF1.0 R WR lens, I was really excited,” recalls Giulio. “As usual, they gave me full creative freedom, which is both amazing and scary at the same time!” he laughs.

Giulio set about putting together a concept for a short video that truly highlighted the lens’s capabilities. He was specifically excited about the F1.0 maximum aperture the lens offers, and therefore decided to focus in on this as a theme. “That number one really intrigued me and I started developing a concept around it,” he explains. “What if I filmed something about one subject, with a single light source, one camera, one lens, one aperture (F1.0, obviously), and all by myself?”

Such a concept would allow him to make the most of XF50mmF1.0’s outstanding low-light capabilities, its compact, lightweight design, its versatile focal length, and its precise 150° focus ring rotation.

He chose to focus on the artist Therese Verner as his subject – a legally blind painter based in LA. Her story was not only relevant to Giulio because it resonated with his own personal creative process, but also because it spoke to the fundamental reason why image makers do what they do.

“I hope people see this short film as a homage to art. As photographers, we focus so much on the importance of light. Not only that, we pretty much adore it as if light was some kind of divine entity. There’s nothing wrong with that, but what if we take light out of the equation? I hope we end up with art, as simple and obvious as it sounds.”  

Giulio understands that a lens plays an extremely important part in conveying a message. “A lens carries the feel of the image. It helps the director and DOP to express the mood they want to deliver to the viewer,” he explains.

He goes on to describe how, for him, a unique look is very important, and having a range of lenses that can deliver the right look and feel for different ideas is essential. “The XF50mmF1.0 certainly fits this profile,” he continues. “It adds an interesting, dreamy feel to my FUJIFILM X Series cameras, I can’t wait to make some portraits with it. The image separation is just stunning.”

He also points out the lens’ capabilities in low light, telling us that even with the aperture wide open at F1.0, the results were remarkably sharp.

Artist: Therese Verner

In addition to XF50mmF1.0’s ability to make beautiful images, he was particularly taken by its small stature and lightweight design. “My very first thought about this lens was how compact it is, considering its maximum aperture,” he reveals, concluding that, when combined with his existing gear, it makes a great addition to his creative tool kit.

“Paired with my FUJIFILM X-T4 camera and its amazing IBIS, it makes a very unique and compact setup. I believe the XF50mmF1.0 is an excellent compact lens with a very unique look that is great for portraits and low-light situations. This lens would be a fantastic asset to any wedding and editorial photographer.”

Learn more about Giulio’s creative process with this exclusive behind-the-scenes video!

Header Image © Giulio Meliani
All artwork included in this content is under the copyright of Therese Verner.