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Boris Baldinger (Switzerland)

My name is Boris Baldinger. I am a father of two. I used to be a software developer. Then I started to work as a freelance photographer in April 2015. My career as a photographer started back in 2003. I always liked taking pictures. But at some point I realised I could do more. So I bought my first DSLR. Quickly my passion about photography started to grow. I loved taking pictures of people. Portraits. Weddings and Events. I love to work with human beings. And this is what I do now - I work with people. 


Besides people I love to travel. I always have my camera with me. Mostly with all my gear. This can get very heavy very quickly. I was looking around for a new way to get the best pictures on my travels without all the gear. So i found the Fujifilm X-E1. I bought that beautiful peace of technology together with an Fujinon 35mm 1.4 - and then it happened. This combination quickly was by my side all day and night. Working with one camera and one lens was new to me. But it forced me to change my way of taking pictures. I learned a lot during this time. I never had the feeling to miss a shot because of the limitations with one lens. The quality was breathtaking and my back was happy about the lighter backpack.
As soon as there was the X-T1, I got it. I loved all the manual setting dials. It is still a small and lightweight camera. I started to buy other lenses. And I never was disappointed. The build quality of lenses and cameras is extraordinary. I could not be more happy.