Hau Le

Hau Le, despite just starting his photography career in 2015, has already been featured in Harper’s Bazaar and L’Officiel and has his time spread evenly between magazine shoots, brand shoots, and personal projects. Hau is known for his mesmerizing portraits, in which he highlights both models’ conventionally beautiful features and the peculiarities that make them stand out. From braces to elegant trench coats, Hau is a talent at showcasing both fashion and the individual. As stated in one of his assignments: “I always adore for the sake of keeping youth and beauty timeless, especially body sculpture of young women. The movement gesture of a woman’s body is marvelously and whimsically attractive.” Hau is always seeking and creating new stories to share with whoever wants to see his photos.

Epidemic is a term for a phenomenon that affects many people at once across the globe or a large area. That concept is happening, in the present, to ourselves. It upsets all systems, changes the frame of reference, stratifies social structure, and above all, helps us rethink what is Needed and what is Enough.

Is all the excessiveness, luxury or flashiness we are aiming for really necessary?

In the ‘Keep IT Minimal’ project, designers will flip the problem, in their own way. 17 Vietnamese fashion designers / brands are the 17 fashion perspectives that are illuminated individually and separately. They converge when all distractions are eliminated to achieve the purest form of expression through light, color and texture.

From young designers to fashion giants, from small brands that have just debuted to names that have left their remark … ‘Keep IT Minimal’ does not put a dividing line on identity, even more minimal in the expressed colors and forms. All that is left is a form of pure and primitive fashion, where the material and structure support and honor the body, where the wearer’s ego is shown through outer clothing.

‘Keep IT Minimal’ can be considered as personal words to help me express my viewpoint through photography.

This is also one of the personal projects that I and my team have given a lot of dedication to make it a reality.


  • Cong Tri – Cao Thien Trang – ISO500 – F16 – 1/100s

  • Subtle Studios – Trinh Thu Huong – ISO400 – F18 – 1/100s

  • Moi Dien – An Cao – ISO160 – F5.6 – 1/125s

  • Thuy Design House – Duong Tu Binh – ISO160 – F14 – 1/125s

  • Nguyen Hoang Tu – Phi Phuong Anh – ISO400 – F18 – 1/100s

  • Nguyen Hoang Tu – Phi Phuong Anh – ISO400 – F20 – 1/100s

  • AEIE Studio – Trang Pham – ISO320 – F13 – 1/125s

  • Do Manh Cuong-Thuy Duong-ISO400-F13-1/125s

  • FUSSY – Truong Thanh Truc – ISO400 – F29 – 1/125s

  • Pham Dii – Ha Kino – ISO160 – F22 – 1/60s

  • Gia Studio – Quynh Anh – ISO320 – F16 – 1/125s

  • Gia Studio – Quynh Anh – ISO320 – F16 – 1/125s

  • LATUI- Khanh Linh Dang – ISO160- F13- 1/125s

  • HANHATTIEN – Kim Nhung – ISO160 – F18 – 1/125s

  • DATT – Ha Kino – ISO160 – F20 – 1/125s

  • LAM – Xuan Lan – ISO250 – F14 – 1/125s

  • Nosbyn STudio – Hang Nguyen – ISO250 – F22 – 1/125s

  • Nosbyn STudio – Hang Nguyen – ISO250 – F22 – 1/125s

  • Factorism – Trang Bui – ISO250 – F11 – 1/125s

  • Factorism – Trang Bui – ISO250 – F11 – 1/125s


Le Thanh Hoa - Thu Anh Ho - ISO160 - F16- 1/125s