GFX System cameras bring together high-resolution, large format imaging sensors, a peerless family of G Mount lenses, and blazing fast image processors. These three pillars that continually drive Fujifilm’s relentless pursuit of achieveing incredible image quality.

Format Sensor

  • ©︎Sara Lando

GFX50S II’s 51.4MP large format image sensor is engineered to deliver the highest possible image quality and uses every part of its design to consistently deliver incredible results. It is 1.7x bigger than a full-frame sensor, measures a staggering 43.8×32.9mm, and uses specially engineered microlenses to keenly control light rays, delivering them to each pixel, resulting in outstanding separation between each colors and pixels. Additionally, a special manufacturing process – specifically designed for GFX – allows more information to be recorded, which surpresses noise and expands dynamic range. Lastly, since software processing is not used to contour enhance images, RAW files generated from GFX50S II have minimal image degradation, even after substantial post-production adjustments.

Format size comparision

X-Processor 4 Image Processor


X-Processor 4 is the perfect engine to reliably deliver stunning, high-quality images, all while applying decades of experience in color processing to every image. Regardless if it’s applying a Film Simulation or faithfully reproducing the colors from an expansive landscape, it will consistently deliver a unique view of any scene and always produce images that honor your creative process.

Startup time
Approx. 0.4sec.
Maximum continuous shooting speed
Approx. 3.0fps*
EVF refresh rate

*When using the mechanical shutter in CH mode.

G Mount Lenses

Engineered to keep pace with 100MP+ imaging sensors, G Mount lenses are optimized to provide a lifetime of service. With a short flange focal distance, which helps keep GFX System cameras compact, G Mount lenses are designed to prevent peripheral light fall-off. Combined with the large CMOS imaging sensor, this approach delivers stunning edge-to-edge sharpness.

  • RAW

  • Developed

Image Quality

High Resolution

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The unbeatable combination of GFX50S II’s 51.4MP large format sensor and a high quality G Mount lens delivers the ultra-high resolution you would expect from any GFX System camera because light is precisely focused on each pixel through the sensor’s microlenses.

Incredible Tonality

©︎Yuhan Ma

At a pixel pitch of 5.3μm, each of GFX50S II’s pixels is roughly 1.7x larger than those found on comparable 50MP full-frame sensors. This gives GFX50S II an incredible 14 stops of dynamic range because its sensor can gather vastly more light, which results in more information being recorded at each pixels.

Beautiful Bokeh

©︎Seigi Takakuwa

Portraits made on large format sensors naturally lead to images with unparalleled compression and separation. This is why there is simply no comparison to making images with a GFX System camera and GF80mmF1.7 R WR or GF110mmF2 R LM WR. With either lens, subjects are separated from backgrounds with a three-dimensional quality, while colors beautifully transition from one shade to another.