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F50fd Compatibility Chart

USB Connection

Windows Compatibility
Windows 8
Windows 7 (SP1)
Windows Vista (SP2)
Windows XP (SP3)
Windows 2000 Professional *1
Windows NT4.0 ×
Windows Me *1
Windows 98SE *1

*1 Dedicated driver installation is required with the bundled CD-ROM.

Recommended memory card

Product Name (Model Number) Capacity Compatibility
SD memory card 512MB - 2GB
SDHC memory card 4GB - 32GB

* SanDisk cards are recommended.


*1 If files have been repeatedly recorded to and deleted form a TypeM xD-Picture Card™, movie recording ends unexpectedly. In such case, after copying important files to another device, format the card or delete all files.

Model Name Specifications / Other
DPC-16 16MB
DPC-32 32MB
DPC-64 64MB
DPC-128 128MB
DPC-256 256MB
DPC-M256(TypeM) 256MB*1
DPC-512 512MB
DPC-M512(TypeM) 512MB*1
DPC-M1GB(TypeM) 1GB*1
DPC-MP1GB(TypeM+) 1GB*1
DPC-M2GB (TypeM) 2GB*1
DPC-MP2GB(TypeM+) 2GB*1

Compatibility of Type M+ is the same as that of Type M and Type H.
(However, it is not the case for DPC-UO1.
Type M / Type M+ can be used, but Type H cannot be used.)



Power supply

Li-ion battery NP-50
Power adapter AC-5VX