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New GUI of FUJIFILM X30 and X100T

 User Interface enhances the functionality of the X Series

The main improvements to this new GUI are to the following three modes: shooting mode, playback mode and a direct menu mode.
Shooting mode still displays various icons on the screen, but these icons have been arranged into groups and movedaway from the four corners of the screen for easier framing. The icon size and design has been revised to ensure an uninterrupted live preview.
Playback mode has also been improved. We made changes after realizing that a GUI for viewing photographs requires a different type of precision and quality than a GUI for taking photographs. Previously, the direct menu mode introduced banners and other text in the middle of the screen that covered large parts of the subject. This might have been easy for novice users, but we changed our approach after it became clear photographers with a certain degree of experience found such detailed guidance unnecessary and that it hindered rapid setting adjustments.

Although they may create a similar impression, the LCD monitor and the electronic viewfinder displays are different. The electronic viewfinder needs to offer high resolution, a wide field of view and diopter adjustment capability with small screen components.


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