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05.06.2016 FUJIFILM

Most loved X

X-Pro2 is probably the ultimate camera in the current X Series lineup.  Some may disagree, but it is packed with the newest features including the latest X-Trans CMOS sensor and the processor. Which model is the most lovable X? This may be a harder question to answer. And perhaps there is no end to the discussion, but we feel that one of the three X100 models perhaps is the most loved X of all.

FUJIFILM often set up a meeting with the X-Photographers to hear feedback on the products. FUJIFILM prepare a proposal for improvement, but the demand from the X-Photographers are always one step ahead of our proposal.
But a strange thing happens with the X100 series. The photographers all demand to “keep the camera the same and not change a thing.” This is not to say that we should not change at all, they are also expecting something new to the camera. To make the successor, We have to be careful on picking parts for improvement and parts to keep unchanged.
Thankfully, features such as electronic rangefinder and CLASSIC CHROME were positively received, probably because things that they loved about the camera remained the unchanged.

The 23mmF2 prime lens is one of the main reason why they love the camera so much.
The lens remained unchanged in all X100 models. It renders soft images at maximum aperture and in close-up, but the images get really sharp once stopped down. The lens is a hybrid. You can enjoy both sharp and soft images. The 35mm equivalent angle of view also makes it a really easy to use camera. There are photographers who take all of his photos with this camera alone.
Per-Anders Jörgensen from Sweden, created a created a book “Eating with the Chefs” with the X100 alone. When you look at the pictures, you will be surprised how eclectic the images are, and that they are, in fact, taken by a single fixed lens camera.
“Mastering the camera” is not a thing we say often. But when you read the book, you can sense that the camera has become an eye and a hand of the photographer. It is as if the photographer has liberated himself from a typical use of a camera.
 Eating with the chefs by Per-Anders Jörgensen 

Another reason why so many professional love the camera is the lens shutter.
Zack Arias, a street photography master and a lighting pioneer, quickly saw the benefit of it, and created numerous works that only lens shutter can create with the high speed sync flash. You can see them on the web gallery “X-Photographers

There is more reason to love the lens shutter: its quietness. There is no focal plane shutter that can get as quiet as the X100. X100 makes a minimal noise when releasing the shutter.
Many appreciate this quietness especially in reportage, documentary and family events photography. X-Photographer Gianluca Colla from Italy often talks about importance of “Getting close”. He says the distance is the deciding factor in making the photos good or bad.  There are things that cannot be captured from distance away. To get close with the inner side of the subject, camera needs to be unassuming and you need act natural.

There are countless other reasons why people love about the X100 series. With 100 photographers, we would have 100 different reasons. But in the beginning the camera was criticized as much as it was praised.
“Why APS?”, “Why prime lens?”, “Why rangefinder style?”, “????” So many critics questioned about the significance.
However, as it turned out, the product planner was not so concerned about the negative response that the camera was getting back then. Because, much more heated discussions had already taken place repeatedly within FUJIFILM. His name is Hiroshi Kawahara. He is the person who gave birth to the X100 Series.
Just recently, he departed to a different path, away from the product planning of the X Series. His last word was “Love the camera that you are involved with.” The camera he loved, is still loved by many.


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