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07.19.2017 Tatsuo Suzuki

Capturing Moments in Shibuya with the X100 Series

Tatsuo Suzuki

I was shooting street photography before I encountered X100, but ever since I held one in my hand, I simply have not been able to let it go.

The perfect fit in my hand, quick response, high image quality, and independent dials for shutter speed and aperture…. the list goes on and on. The camera is compact and has all the features I need to capture moments with quickness and ease.

The 35mm equivalent angle of view is exactly what I need for my street photography. I do not need any additional cameras.

I stabilize my camera by wrapping my right hand with hand strap. The camera becomes my eye as I capture moments in my hometown of Shibuya.

I rarely miss any shots, even if the scene appears out of the blue.

The camera is like an extension of my body. The more I use it, the more I feel that way.

I took this picture at a smoking booth in Shibuya. A pigeon suddenly appeared in front of me, and I just pressed the shutter.
Typically I set the area focus to 1 meter and aperture to around F11. That way, the camera is rarely out of focus.
I was able to capture the shot with the help of these settings.

I took this picture also in an instant.
My photo often expresses speed, confrontation with the subject, the tension accompanying it and the hustle and bustle of the city.
This is one of them.
I pressed the shutter, capturing the city and its people.

The key to good street photography is to walk a lot. You just need to wander around.
The photo was captured because I saw the moment as I was walking.
The more you walk, the more likely that you will encounter such opportunity.
Then, all you need to do is to capture it the way you want.
The X100 Series lets you do this with grace and ease.
One of the greatest things about the camera is that it allows you to realize the picture the way you want to express in an instant, even when the idea comes up in your head just a second before.
For example, if you want to capture a moment with slow shutter speed in bright daylight, then all you need to do is to enable the ND filter and maximize the aperture value.
Your imagination will be realized with the camera. This is why the X100 Series is so great.

This was captured during daytime. I wanted to express stillness and motion simultaneously.
I turned the ND filter feature on and captured it with slow shutter.

Slow shutter speeds are very effective way to express motion, especially of people crossing each other. This was taken at the Shibuya crossings on a rainy day.
I combined flash and a slow shutter speed to capture the moment.

This is at the crossing at nighttime.
I used slow shutter and flash combo to make the scenery more dynamic.

Just walk. You will eventually encounter the moment that match your feelings.
The skyscrapers in Shibuya reflected on the front glass of a bus.
The confrontation of the two subjects – the scenery and the driver – makes the picture interesting.

Are the urban youth happy?
I cannot help but pose that question when I see this picture.
Street photography is the reflection of an era.
It also reflects my inner soul.
The Street photography is a result of those two elements combined together.
Street photography is interesting because it is a reflection of the era that you live in.
Are my pictures reflected that way?
I still do not have the answer.
The photographic journey is long and is endless.
But I will continue to pursue the journey, and I have no doubt in my mind that my partner will always be the X100 Series.
Shibuya is always changing.
I want to continue capturing the city and the people.
This is my passion and desire. If it becomes part of the documentation of the era, I could not be happier.

This is a picture of a girl at the movie ticket booth in Shibuya.
She looked up briefly when I told her that I wanted to take a picture. She looked down again afterwards.

The confrontations with subjects continue.
She is probably a tourist. She had suitcases in both hands as she was walking across the street.
One thing that you should never forget
is to respect your subjects.
Without them, whatever you take will never be photography.
I will continue taking pictures of this city and its people as long as my feet and eyes can move and see.


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