Dinesh Boaz (USA)
FUJIFILM X-S10 200mm | F7.1 | 1/125| ISO500

William Chua (Singapore)
FUJIFILM X-T3 200mm | F2.8 | 1/8000 | ISO400

Close in on the Moment

With an effective focal length of 305mm, XF200mmF2 helps you make subjects appear larger than life, resulting in images with an incredibly smooth bokeh that beautifully separates subjects from their backgrounds and provides a noticeable character to the look and feel of the image.

By using the included XF1.4X TC F2 WR teleconverter, it is also possible to extend the reach further to an equivalent focal length of 430mm without compromising performance, helping to ensure your image is always extraordinary, regardless of the circumstances.

Federico Tardito (Italy)
FUJIFILM X-T4 200mm | F2.0 | 1/6400 | ISO160

Legendary Optics

Fujifilm’s decades of experience engineering the world's finest broadcast and cinema optics means XF200mmF2 has an astounding ability to resolve details and maintain sharpness throughout the frame, even at its widest aperture. With its 19 lens elements set into 14 groups, and featuring a combination of one super ED and one standard ED lens in its construction, great image quality is a likely possibility.

XF200mmF2 also has an aperture ratio of over 100, meaning it's sure to pick up even the slightest glimmer of light to provide beautiful images.

Fast. Near-Silent. Precise.

Mastering speed, silence, and precision in telephoto photography can require a lifetime of practice and effort. Thankfully, achieving these becomes more possible when using XF200mmF2. Frame moments that happen in a fraction of a second, while leaving subjects undisturbed, and reveal some of life's most authentic moments with the lens' advanced features.

Use the SET button to instantly shift the focus to a preset distance, maximizing AF speed. Or access AF functions, like AF-ON and focus lock, from a control button on the lens to keep your hands on the lens and your eye on the prize.

Stability on the Horizon

When framing subjects at long distances, even the slightest shake of your hand can cause serious motion blur. To prevent this, XF200mmF2 has been equipped with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) to provide up to five stops of vibration reduction, allowing you to track your subject with ease and even use slower shutter speeds for more creative freedom.

Exist in the Elements

Working on location can mean facing unpredictable conditions. That’s why XF200mmF2 uses a magnesium-alloy body that is lightweight, robust, and weather-resistant. The lens is capable of operating in temperatures as low as -10°C (14°F), and the front lens element has been treated with a fluorine coating to repel moisture, dust, and grease. In fact, every detail, down to the matte silver finish of the lens – which reduces reflections by diffusing the light and minimizing the risk of overheating – has been chosen to deliver excellence, wherever your adventures take you.

Photographers’ Voice

  • My absolute favorite

    I tried many telephoto lenses: the 400mm, the 600mm, the 300mm, and others.I can say that this lens is my absolute favorite, and that's because it allows great versatility.

    Federico Tardito


  • Unparalleled bokeh

    The build quality of this lens is great. But to see the full potential of this lens, you really have to look at the pictures it creates to appreciate its quality, contrast, and sharpness. At a maximum aperture of f2.0, it creates a creamy bokeh that is unparalleled for this focal length.

    William Chua


  • Beyond incredible

    The XF200mmF2 is something beyond incredible. It brings out a new reality in the world I see around me. I can trust and work with this prime lens at any given moment. All its features are excelling.

    Dinesh Boaz


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