Advanced Hybrid Multi Viewfinder

Compose images in the viewfinder using one of three different viewing options

Photographers love looking through a viewfinder to take photos, which is why X Series models have used finders from the very start. Combining the advantages of both an OVF and an EVF, Fujifilm has perfected the Advanced Hybrid Multi Viewfinder with three viewing options. Now you can return to the roots of photography with the only viewfinder of its kind in the world.
OVF/EVF switch lever

Simple & Highly functional. Advanced hybrid multi viewfinder.

The advanced hybrid multi viewfinder allows you to switch between optical and electronic options with a single lever. The new electronic rangefinder feature is selected in the same way.

Electronic viewfinder (EVF)

Displays the LCD panel’s image and information

Optical viewfinder (OVF)

Displays LCD panel information on the optical image

Electronic rangefinder (ERF)

Displays the enlarged focus area on the optical viewfinder

Electronic Rangefinder

Enlarged view of the focus area

Electronic Rangefinder (ERF) simultaneously displays a small EVF window in the optical viewfinder.

The EVF is simultaneously displayed as a small window in the optical viewfinder. It can be displayed in three different ways: 100% field of view, 2.5x magnification and 6x magnification. This allows the user to check focus, the angle-of-view, exposure and white balance in real-time, even when taking photos through the OVF. As it can also be used with MF assist, precise MF is possible in the OVF mode.

Brand new interface

A new sophisticated design is used for the finder display. Screen information is now even easier to see.

Diopter Adjustment

-4 - +2m-1

Advanced optical viewfinder system

The optical design of the viewfinder has been improved, moving the eye point from 14mm on the previous model to 16mm. A diopter correction dial is also included, which makes the viewfinder even more comfortable to use.

Depth of Field Preview

The Depth of Field Scale can be selected for film reference display in addition to conventional pixel reference. With film reference, photo viewing from printing becomes a prerequisite for depth display, allowing the user to use it in a sense of depth of field similar to film photos.